International freight forwarding and logistics services

Hacklin Group offers versatile freight forwarding and logistics services. We provide tailored project logistics and shipping solutions for project cargo, warehousing services in Finland as well as wide selection of efficient logistics solutions in bulk handling and transport.

Oy Hacklin Ltd is the mother company of Hacklin Group, which consists of
Oy Hacklin Bulk Boys Ltd, Oy Hacklin Hamiko Ltd, Oy Hacklin Logistics Ltd and Hacklin China Ltd. Each company is specialized in different kind of logistics operations and provides dedicated tailor-made solutions for various customers.

How may we support you?

Are you looking for a logistics provider that focuses on customer needs by improving efficiency and safeguarding logistics capacity? Would you like to make logistics, freight and transportation of your cargo more sustainable by minimizing the environmental impact of the practices involved in these processes?

With a wide range of services and expertise in different modes of transportation Hacklin Group ensures the smooth, sustainable and efficient delivery, storage and handling of your goods.

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