Oy Hacklin Ltd

Head office

Lars Sonckin kaari 14,
FI-02600 Espoo,

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Business ID: 1468295-4
Finnish OVT code: 003723327487
E-Invoice Operator:
Apix Messaging Oy


Mikael Grönroos – Hacklin-10799-profiili

Mikael Grönroos

Managing Director
Oy Hacklin Ltd

Björn Palm

Chairman of the Board
Oy Hacklin Ltd


How may we assist you? Our team boasts experienced professionals with over three decades of forwarding experience, complemented by a dynamic group of young, ambitious experts. Contact us!
Logistics services for bulk warehousing handling and transport

Oy Hacklin Bulk Boys Ltd
Hietasentie 14,
FI-48200 Kotka, Finland
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Forwarding, warehousing and customs clearance service in Finland

Oy Hacklin Hamiko Ltd
Palokankaantie 6
FI-49460 Hamina, Finland
Head Office

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Hacklin Logistics international project cargo freight forwarding service worldwide

Oy Hacklin Logistics Ltd
Lars Sonckin kaari 14 (Luna),
FI-02600, Espoo, Finland
Head Office

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